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5.5" Asia MiniGod designer Toy + Speaker


The Mini-Asia MINIGOD designed by Marka27. Stands 5.5" tall, but don't let his size fool you this little guy packs a BIG SOUND! The mini-ASIA minigod also features: Mini Jack cable, 100 / 240 V AC Adapter, ABS Speaker Protector, ON and OFF Switch, LED lights, rechargeable lithium battery, three points of articulation and a fully functioning speaker! Works with MP3 players, iPods, iPhones, iPads, small game systems, laptops, desktops, anything with a headphone jack connection. Hang out with your favorite toy that also bumps your favorite tunes!

Designer: Marka27

Manufacturer: BicPlastics
Dimensions: 5.5 inches
Material: Vinyl
Limited edition.

This is collector's toy only. It is NOT designed or made for Children. Not for use or handling by anyone under the age of 15.