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Chinese Peking Opera Series 5" figure - Yang Gui Fei


This action figure is produced by local artist in China, hand painted and crafted with so much fineness and details, as to the traditional costumes of Chinese Peking opera. It playfully blends the comic cartoon face into traditional Chinese opera character, to present an interesting and unique toy figure collection. It stands about 4.5" tall, in a acrylic display case, with a red packing box. Limited edition.
(Please be noticed that the figure is attached in the display box with screw, and the display box is sealed.)

Yang Gui Fei, known as Consort Yang, was the most beloved concubine of Xuanzong - the Emperor of Tang Dynasty in China. She is not only beautiful, but also talented in music and dancing. She was praised as one of the Four Beauties of ancient China. Her love story of the age was often the staple feature in Chinese opera, painting and art.

This is decorating toy. Not for children under 4 years old.